best description i've ever read for "pork belly confit"

IM conversations with zack this morning.

zack (9:19:04 AM): i was just trying to msg someone to ask about his trip to vegas
zack (9:19:09 AM): and instead of vegas i typed 'bacon'
me (9:19:14 AM): HAHA
me (9:19:23 AM): "how was your trip to bacon?"
me (9:19:34 AM): bacon is the all encompassing Good Stuff
zack (9:19:40 AM): yep
me (9:19:43 AM): bacon ought to run for president
me (9:19:48 AM): bacon rules the world!

"Pork belly confit.
here it is, cut up. note the dijon mustard and the green stuff which transforms it into a healthy dish. after eating this, i promptly went into a fat coma for a day."

me: (9:42:23 AM): hah!
me: (9:42:28 AM): the wee bit o' parsley will do that
me: (9:48:24 AM): so
me: (9:48:28 AM): what does it taste like?
zack (9:48:51 AM): melty delicious fat
zack (9:48:56 AM): really the pieces that have some meat in them are better
zack (9:49:02 AM): and also christmas cookies
zack (9:49:10 AM): they taste like christmas cookies made out of pig fat
me (9:50:06 AM): if you dont mind, i shall have to cut n paste this conversation into my blog. cos describing confit as christmas cookies is just too perverse to keep to myself
zack (9:50:38 AM): you know there is the concept of 'drunkdialing?'
zack (9:50:43 AM): yesterday i was 'drunkfrying'


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