Date Night, aka Some of the best food i’ve had out in a long, long time

I don’t normally write about restaurant food because we don’t go out a whole hell of a lot. I also don’t ever want to become one of those bloggers i hear about in NYC who traipse around places dropping their business cards with blog info on it and write up their reviews in a usually pretty nasty and insulting way (I do fall prey to insulting certain people at times, but i won’t apologize for it. yet. And i will absolutely not apologize about insulting Martha Stewart because I had the misfortune of meeting her).

So we don’t go out to eat a whole hell of a lot for three reasons. A) we’re not exactly rolling in dough; B) The boy keeps a different schedule that i do; And C) (and this is going to sound pompous as hell, and maybe it is, but it’s the truth), we generally have a very hard time being genuinely impressed with what’s around.

When we moved back to Atlanta, we lived in one of those high-priced edge-of-ghetto apartments that are all the rage downtown. There were some good restaurants down there, and some bad. Of course, what should happen the minute we move away to the ‘burbs but a whole new crop of good restaurants peek up like mushrooms all over the damn place overnight. We don’t get down to the city together as much anymore (although i’m here day in and day out), so, last Monday, we decided to do Date Night and totally planned on trying out Element, where Richard Blais has now ensconced himself. Turns out they’re closed on Mondays. So instead, we ventured not too far from the house and went to 5 Seasons in Alpharetta.

We’d been told about this place before, for months now. About how great it is, blah blah blah. And we never went. Why?

Because they don’t serve Miller Lite.

They brew their own beer there. and my boy, as wonderful and fantastic as he is, is a Miller Lite purist. It took some goading on Mr. B’s part to get the boy to actually come in there, and that coupled with an OpenTable certificate, away we went.

These pictures were all taken via cameraphone, so i apologize for the grainy blurriness. Grainy blurriness does have a certain charm in some contexts, but not so much with food.

We started off with a couple of small plates, some Japanese black pig ribs and i can’t for the life of me remember what it’s called. Berkshire is another name for the pig. The meat fell off the bones, it was so good. We also had lamb chops served with demi-glace. The lamb chops themselves were perfectly cooked and very delectable, and of course, if you plop a spoonful of demi on a plate it’s going to be that much better. If i had been at home i would have licked the plate clean, so i had an extremely difficult time containing myself. Actually, in retrospect, i’m surprised that i didnt. This has nothing to do with good manners, because i think once i hit a certain age, i grew a sense of je m’en foutisme. So who knows why i didnt just grab the plate and run amok with it.

The boy ordered the American kobe beef and i had duck both ways. I think i’ve had duck far too much this season. It can’t be any good for me. But OH I SHIT YOU NOT this was the best duck i’ve ever had in my entire life. And that’s saying something.

The boy, who doesn’t put up with shit and has no qualms about sending food back, had not one negative thing to say about the entire meal. It was just that damn good. So what did he drink instead of Miller Lite? He started with a Hefeweizen (with a trusty side of Seagrams VO) and once his entrée arrived, switched to the Espresso Black Hole Stout, which matched the beef perfectly. We finished with a couple of Irish coffees and some goat cheesecake and fried ice cream. Okay okay – you can’t go wrong with fried ice cream. Not ultra gourmet, but ultra satisfying. And i think i might try to attempt a goat cheesecake in wee small bites and make it savory, you know, with herbs and have that as an appetizer. I have to sit and think about that. Let it stew in the dark in the back of my brain.

I know why the boy took this picture, and it wasn’t for the glass of champagne. I’d told him i’d post it. and i’m going to tell you right now that i am not that well-endowed. I must have been slumped over.


The ice cream is all made in house (which you should expect from an organice upscale hippie type place!)

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