dissappointing lunch

i realize that there are some things which you ought not to buy from trader joe's, although a good portion of their products are usually pretty great most of the time. but what not to get is the frozen marinated ahi tuna steaks.

because damn, what a letdown. it is almost inedible. no, in fact, i'm throwing it away cos it's just that bad. damn good thing i brought along a side of grilled veggies.

it's just been one of those days. must be the phase of the moon.

OH - and totally unrelated, but you know, it's just been that kind of day. IM conversation:

patty (10:58:47 AM): sunchokes give me very noisy gas
me (11:00:46 AM): fermented black beans are like corn. they show up in your poop.


Bob del Grosso said…
For what it's worth I have no use for Trader Joes. Almost everything there is geared towards the Home Meal Replacement Market and not to a one such as me who actually likes to construct dishes from scratch.
I've been to several and it's always the same thing. And in no way am I tempted enough by their deals on cheese or smoked fish to bother to go back until, perhaps, I lose my desire to cook.
TJ's is no place for chefs :-)
french tart said…
funny, i think that's pretty much the same thing the boy said to me about TJ's. :)

the main thing i go to TJ's for is their two buck chuck. it's cheap. i drink the hell out of it. it's not fantastic wine, but it's good for a glass or four after work.

but i will admit that their produce sucks and is way overpriced. i wont buy my produce there.

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