Late night eating

I haven’t seen 1 am in a really long time. Since i get up before the crack of dawn during the week (usually no later than 5:30 am), i am in bed ridiculously early. Hey, This Girl needs her beauty sleep. It’s hard work looking this good.

But while i sleep, the rest of the house is awake. And eating quite well, as i discovered from some pictures i found on the camera.

This steak came from our last Costco run, where we found a package of filets wrapped in bacon for not a whole lotta money. And they promptly went into our deep freeze in the garage, where we promptly forgot about them until a couple of days ago when i went rooting around in there for whole wheat flour. we have enough meat in there to feed ourselves for a month or so, if we eat meat with every meal. This will come in handy if, lets say, i happen to be sans employment sometime in the near future, as in late next week. (However, I will not dwell on what i cannot control).

This started off as a bacon-wrapped filet, but the boy told me that the bacon fell off, so he kept it to one side of the pan and let it render its baconey goodness while the steak cooked. After that, he threw the bacon away (i know! Blasphemy! But he said it was pale and limp and inedible), but at least the flavors were still in the pan. He was going to just plate the steak, grab a knife and fork and park his butt in front of a DVRed episode of Big Brother, but noticed an open bottle of Two Buck Chuck standing nearby... some of that promptly went into the pan, along with some balsamic vinegar. I’m not sure what else he put in there seasoning-wise, since i was happily envisioning sugarplums dancing in my head at that time.

speaking of sugarplums, i found some at the Super H last weekend. i thought those were a myth, just part of the story, ya know? so i bought some and boy, are they ever good. they're tiny fig-shaped things with really good flavor and not terribly sweet.

I have wistful memories of late night eating, from when i was a student and, prior to that, bartender/front-of-house manager/server for a couple of places in Florida. I watch episdoes of Daniel Boulud’s After Hours and totally wish i was there. of course, my late night eating was never comprised of a several-course gourmet meal. We usually just raided the fridge and threw together what we had, and it would be divine and satiating. Then i’d go to bed stuffed and have workmares all night. Speaking of workmares, one place where i worked had a beer-and-wing special on Wednesday nights (buy a pitcher of beer, get 10 wings free deal). For years, i had workmares that i’d be the only server in the restaurant, every table was full of angry patrons screaming for their wings, brandishing their empty pitchers of beer... i’d run into the kitchen only to see thousands of chicken wings everywhere, all over every flat surface, tumbling out of the fryer in a waterfall of wings, and no one to help expedite or run food. And i’d wake up in a cold sweat. Man, i hated those dreams, because i’d wake up and have to go into work, and would feel tired all shift because i worked in my sleep.

At any rate, i’m glad that the boy is eating well. since i don't see him a whole lot anymore, it's kind of hard to keep an eye on his diet.

above picture taken by the boy


drzachary said…
"i’d run into the kitchen only to see thousands of chicken wings everywhere, all over every flat surface, tumbling out of the fryer in a waterfall of wings"

This sounds like a good dream, not a bad dream!

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