new paint

it never ceases to amaze me at what difference a coat of paint can do for a room. this was especially true of our townhouse in baltimore, where the previous owners had smoked in the house for 25 years. once i started painting the walls, i just couldn't get over the immediate transformation from tired and dull to vibrant and alive. even the fresh white paint that i used in the upstairs hallway made a world of difference.

when we embarked on house hunting in atlanta, we had a small list of criteria, items we were willing to budge on if the other criteria were met. on that list: a fenced yard, off-street parking (preferably a garage), fireplace, large kitchen with pantry. we lucked out when we found this house, because we didn't have to compromise on one single thing. the kitchen in our new home is about three times as large as the one in baltimore was, and has a closet pantry. this may not seem like a big deal to you, but to us it's fantastic. in maryland, our upstairs hallway linen closet doubled as the pantry, so there were many trips up and down the stairs when in the middle of cooking. completely not fun and not practical.

our new house came freshly painted, and even though we'll eventually paint it all to suit our needs, the house was in move-in condition. the kitchen has new white cabinets and large tiles on the floor. the walls are a pale butter yellow. but one wall in particular, the far wall, just screamed for some color. so on friday night, after having experienced an extremely disappointing week at work and needing some alone time, i ventured to Lowe's for some paint chips. the boy picked out the color that night when he got home from work (i made him pick the ones he liked in the nighttime light, and again the next morning), and then i painted the one wall. we haven't yet put back the framed pictures, or really decided if we want to change it up and put something else up or even a bookshelf. but for the time being, i can stand in my kitchen and really enjoy staring at our new blood red cranberry wall.


Ashley said…
OMG that is RED. I could stand to repaint our formal dining room from baby poo brown to some lively color... good for you!

Ashley Miller
Put your cookbook bookshelf where the knives are. Add the art.

It's brilliant!
The Boy said…
But, where would I put my knives?

the Boy

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