On company-provided lunch

So today we have a “team-building” offsite. About 50 of us are going bowling with our VP.

Look, i don’t mind bowling, it can be a lot of fun especially if you’re in the right mood. But nobody is looking forward to this. All offsites i’ve been to have been kind of awkward (except for that one time when we went to Dave & Busters and I got high score at Galaga while Patty played DDR all afternoon). I will, however, put on a good face and try not to be all gauche and shit while i throw my bowling ball into the wrong lane (i’m not exactly gifted at bowling). We shall see if our VP loosens up a bit this afternoon. It should be interesting.

So anyway, we are having lunch provided for us. We had a choice of three:

1. Chili cheese dog, nachos with cheese, corn dog, funnel cake


2. Hamburger, hot dog, french fries or tater tots, cookie


3. Veggie burger, mixed veggies with dip, salad, fries or tater tots, cookie

all three of these options kind of scare me. I decided to play it as safely as i could and went with the vegetarian option (and i am no vegetarian), with tater tots. Because who doesn’t love the almighty tater tot? there’s a decent bar i used to go to way back in the day here in Atlanta called the Highlander, and they serve tater tots. You can’t really go wrong with them.

The chili cheese dog was calling my name, but Oh Man can you imagine the heartburn and subsequent trips to the bathroom? It would not be good. I’d rather do chili cheese dogs at home.

I wish they’d just ordered a bunch of pizzas and called it a day. Pizza is a pretty safe option.

I know i know, i’m grumbling.

And i guess it beats the alternative, which is to stay at work and keep working.

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CarolinaGirl said…
I actually took bowling in college!I wasn't so good at it and got a B. My parents were furious. The food offerings sounded like typical bowling alley fare, kinda a universal theme. I'd have just gotten the Tots, myself since they taste so damn good especially at places like that.
Ashley said…
Worst day bowling (or insert any recreational activity here) is better than your best day at work. ::sigh:: If I get laid off soon maybe I will take up some actual sport (is bowling a sport?). I am off tomorrow so I've got that going for me, which is nice...

Peace to you from Orlando,
Ashley Miller
Web: www.ashleymiller.net
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french tart said…
It turned out to be not as bad as I thought. no one was happy to be there so i made sure i had team spirit and clapped and giggled a lot. and i ate my weight in tater tots and cheese sticks.

have fun in orlando, ashley! and yeah - who knows what will happen by next week. i might be working at Publix for all i know.

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