on curing pig

my buddy zack has thrown himself into Grand Adventures in Curing. the picture below shows 30 pounds of bacon, 240 pounds of ham, which zack says "took my whole counter, kitchen island and half my stove to lay out". he and patty have named them things like Livia and Caligula.

i'll totally take some of this off their hands. i haven't quite developed the sense of adventure for curing yet... but i'm very impressed with zack's gung-ho-ness with the whole endeavor. and i can't wait to taste the end results!

as Hillshire Farms says, Go Meat!


a fancy lady said…
what a sexy and charming man that is in your photo!

is he single?

i would love to hit that (ohhhh yeah).
french tart said…
his clothes are dirty but his hands are clean,

and you're the best thing hes ever seen.
is that kosher pork?

drzachary said…
The '240 lbs of ham' refers to me :)

Also, it's not bacon yet; it's pork belly! About 2/3 of it will be bacon (half of that will be smoked, half natural) and the remaining third will be pancetta and pork belly confit.
JEP said…
I have found your blog via Serious Eats when you commented on my pickle "talk" post. Plan to read your archives!
french tart said…
hi jep. hope you enjoy. i do get a bit off topic every once in a while though :)
Ashley said…
Tell you what, THAT picture tells a thousand words. Way to go Z!

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