on egg salad

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Saturday morning, I was sitting at the dining room table doing stuff on the ‘puter (updating the ol’ resumé and sending it out, if you should know) and chatting via gmail with Caprice, when she announced that she’d just eaten some fried eggs.

And then i thought, Gee, i’ve got eggs. I should have eggs too.

I can tell you are sitting on the edge of your seat right about now. No, i didn’t start juggling eggs or anything fun like that. Instead, out of the blue, i decided to make egg salad. I can’t even remember the last time i’d eaten egg salad. It must have been sometime in 1995. Seriously. I had an old boyfriend who ate egg salad every single day. No lie! Except he called it “Shmegg Shmalad” and, of course, thought that this was a riot. I think his name for it is simultaneously a riot and gross. I can’t decide which way to go on that.

Since i can’t remember as far back as 1995 (too much wine and, uh, other things, will do that to you), i honestly don’t remember what i put in it. How do people make egg salad, anyway? In France, the closest we have is œufs mayonnaise, which is basically a hard-boiled egg cut in half and served with a dollop of mayo, usually homemade. I know, so very exciting. Caprice advised me to make it like a deviled egg (which i love and have been known to eat 5 or 6 in a row while lingering by the buffet table at a party). So in went mayo, mustard (i used both dijon and yellow), salt, pepper, celery seed. I omitted hot sauce, though. Mixed that with chopped up hard-boiled eggs, spread it all on some toast, and called it Lunch.

How does the rest of America make their egg salad, though? Do you put onions/celery/any other veg in it? i’m very curious about this. Because since Saturday i’ve had it twice more and i think i am on a roll here.

Also, how do you boil your eggs? My mom used to (and probably still does) plop eggs in boiling water and let it rip for ages. The eggs inevitably cracked open this way and sometimes leaked out into the water. The way i do it is how i saw Sara Moulton do it once on TV. Put eggs in cold water in a pot on the stove. Bring to just about boiling (you’ll see when it’s about to boil), clamp on a lid, remove from heat, let sit for 17 minutes exactly. After 17 minutes, tumble them into ice water and then start peeling. It makes perfect eggs every time, and they don’t have that weird green ring around the yolks that my mom’s have.

I wonder if that old boyfriend still eats egg salad every day? chances are, yes.


Two ways to boil an egg - place it in the water, let the water boil, take eggs off and cover


bring water to a boil, plop in eggs for 2, 3 or 4 mins. (hence 2 min. egg, etc.)

I realized after we spoke Saturday that I don't like egg salad. Probably the mixed up thing - you know me!!

The boy said…
Wait what is this wit your "old" boyfriend??
by the way you only need to let them sit 10 min after the clamp

The boy
french tart said…
10 minutes? are you sure? not that i'm doubting you. i could never doubt you. you are my one and only.
JEP said…
Thanks for commenting on one of my Serious Eats "Talk" posts! Seems like everyone claims to have the best method to hard cook the eggs---I don't have the hang of that yet. I love Hellmann's mayo, salt & pepper & mustard mixed with the coursely chopped eggs & thickly piled on a whole grain bread.

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