so totally not food related

sorry, i've been having a lot of these "not food related" posts, and seeing as this is supposed to be a food blog, well yeah. i tend to go off on tangents every once in a while.

but oh my god. they're remaking escape from new york. and i couldnt keep the groaning and eye rolling all to myself, i had to share.


i wonder who will play the lead role?

i hope that the music will be good.


CarolinaGirl said…
Slightly off topic. Great job with Georges on Ruhlman, perhaps he's not even really French, considering I could recognize every word, and I took my last French exam in 1990.I enjoyed visiting you and will be back for suggestions when we hit Hotlanta which is a short drive from us.Keep up the cool site! Cheers
french tart said…
thanks! i'm not even going to answer his last rant. not the first time my mom and i have been called sluts before :)

and now i have a new blog to read! looking forward to it. right now i must dash to my 3 oclock meeting.
Bob del Grosso said…
I'm betting that Georges is Papi.
french tart said…
you think? i haven't read all the comments to the posts on ruhlman's blog... has papi been an ass before?
french tart said…
ah. nevermind! i just found some stellar entries. hoo boy.

and you're probably right.

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