Thursday, August 2, 2007

totally unrelated to food

so i updated my ipod the other day with some songs i found floating out there on the innernets... and one song which i put on there was supposed to be U2's October. at least, that's what the title said. it is not. instead, it is Bastille Day by Rush.

what's sad is that i actually recognized the song, and i was never nor am i now a Rush fan. but a friend of mine in high school was (Brad Maze, wherever you are out there, you suck).

here i was all happy listening to U2 on shuffle, and now i'm stuck with this kind of sucky song in my head.

i'm writing this down, you see, so that i will remember to remove said sucky song from my ipod when i get home later. and for those of you who like Rush, i apologize if i have offended you.

okay. go about your business. will think of something witty to write that's actually food related. or maybe i won't.


Ashley said...

You may not like Rush but who doesn't like Tom Sawyer? Great rock song... now you've got THAT stuck in your noggin too. HA!

Ashley Miller

french tart said...

man. you suck!