totally unrelated to food

so i updated my ipod the other day with some songs i found floating out there on the innernets... and one song which i put on there was supposed to be U2's October. at least, that's what the title said. it is not. instead, it is Bastille Day by Rush.

what's sad is that i actually recognized the song, and i was never nor am i now a Rush fan. but a friend of mine in high school was (Brad Maze, wherever you are out there, you suck).

here i was all happy listening to U2 on shuffle, and now i'm stuck with this kind of sucky song in my head.

i'm writing this down, you see, so that i will remember to remove said sucky song from my ipod when i get home later. and for those of you who like Rush, i apologize if i have offended you.

okay. go about your business. will think of something witty to write that's actually food related. or maybe i won't.


Ashley said…
You may not like Rush but who doesn't like Tom Sawyer? Great rock song... now you've got THAT stuck in your noggin too. HA!

Ashley Miller

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