WOO champagne lunch! and napping.

oh man. i just can't seem to wake up today to save my life. i have no excuse either, because i took a 1 1/2 hour nap when i got home yesterday (fell-face-first-onto-bed-and-didn't-budge kind of nap, and had pillow impressions on my face for a good hour after i woke up). and i slept fine last night. what gives? dont like this.

at least it's friday.

posting a picture of WOO Champagne Lunch!, which i've decided will be the first of many more to come. us girls from work went to Taurus for lunch yesterday to celebrate Patty's Fancy New Job which starts on Monday (Yay Patty!), and we did indulge in a glass of Cava or two. but we did the unpardonable; patty and i ordered the "special", and as everyone knows, one should not order the "special". Nonie's crab salad looked most excellent, and next time i ought to get that.

productivity was at an all time low after i got back. it's a damn good thing i kicked ass on work earlier in the day.

must go find a way to ingest coffee intravenously, because i've got 4 meetings today and all i want to do is fall face first onto my keyboard and snore.

UPDATE: one of the bad things about being this tired is that my fucking vertigo is back in full swing. so moral of the story is, good sleep = no vertigo. not enough sleep = asscrap load of vertigo.



Ashley said…
Good for Patty for making the jump and good for you and the girls on celebrating in style!

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