the best breakfast

i've got many kitchen projects going on, one currently braising away in the oven which i'll blog about later this week. so while i take a break from cooking, i'm going to sit down with the latest issue of Food & Wine and eat a papaya sliced in half with a lime squeezed over it.

i remember the first time i ever ate papaya that way; i was in hawaii over christmas with my dad when i was 15. we drove around the Big island and stayed in some swanky hotel, and one morning we ordered room service breakfast (which was a rare treat - my dad doesn't ever order from room service). room service brought me an enormous papaya with a lime half to squeeze over it. since then, when i taste that flavor combination, i remember that long ago trip with my dad.

second best breakfast ever was also during that trip... down the road from our hotel was a roadside cafe which served the best banana nut pancakes i've had in my life. i can't remember the name of the place, since this was like 23 years ago and unless i write stuff down i can't remember anything these days.

we're really enjoying the fantastic weather which has come our way this past weekend. i love fall, and although it's still not crisp and cool enough for my taste, one can sense the beginnings of fall. we have the windows open, and the curtains are flying upwards when a small gust of wind comes along. the only downside to this is that Mrs. P barks her wee little head off when she hears a car door slam four houses away.

btw, that's a joke, about Mrs. P's wee little head. she's not so wee. or little. her head is mighty. and i do love it.


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