not remotely food related

so i'm sitting here minding my own business after a long week at work (that's a joke! get it! long week at work! ha! ok nevermind). so anyway, today i've been making chili and cornbread, which maybe i'll blog about someday. and j is over, so we're watching college football. and at 7:44 pm Eastern Standard Time on the dot, Saturday night college football started, and a little ditty came on and i looked at the television and who should it be but Perry Farell, on stage with two other shmuckaroos, singing about how great Saturday Night College Football is.

Did you get that part about Perry Farell?

Singing about how great college football is? while wearing sparkly pants?

I have no idea what to think. that's like saying trent reznor sold out to Nascar. okay okay, perhaps not that extreme.

nothing to see here. move along.


At least he's not doing Viagra commercials!
NDM said…
Jane football is great...Jaaaaaaane saaaaays...

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