on cookies and wine

so i'm sitting here this evening drinking wine and making cookies, which happen to be two of the things i do really well. and while sitting on a barstool in the kitchen watching the nine inch nails live dvd and waiting for cookies to come out of the oven, i had a moment.

tomorrow is my last day at the Big Corporate job, although "last day" is really not that accurate. more accurately is, Show up at 11:30 am and turn in my computer and cell phone and beat a hasty retreat. where i am then headed to a kickboxing class, because i firmly believe that i would not have made it through the past two weeks without kickboxing. the job search is going slowly, but i still feel very confident that i'll find something where i'll be a perfect fit. i'm mostly really upset that i'll not see a lot of these people again. i really will miss you all - you know who you are, all five of you who know of the existence of this blog, that is ;)

anyway, i wish you all the best. and if i see you tomorrow, i'll give you a cookie.

much love,
the french tart


drzachary said…
I sent you an email about this, but I don't know if I had the right address: I got my mountain of pork fat from Dekalb Farmers Market.. it's organic, farm-raised, yaddayadda, Berkshire hog for 0.69 per pound. Then you have to render it of course, which makes your house smell very nice (or very bad, if you ask Patty.)
french tart said…
thank you! i just got your email (and yes, that is one of the many email addresses i have). been having problems with comcast not being particularly comcastic (a fiber cut, they say, which had knocked out internet and phone, but tv was just fine). phone is still not working yet.

i plan on using the pork fat when i make bourdain's rillettes next week. i love me some fuckin' rillettes. the boy told me that if i do end up making it (and eating it) that i must inform Bernard the Former Marine who's been one of my kickboxing instructors. apparently the boy thinks that Bernard will kick my ass extra hard. but i can't help it! rillettes are the best shit ever.

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