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I have to make this kind of snappy because i'm at New Big Corporate and i'm not sure what their rules are regarding surfin' around and bloggin' and stuff. however, i am severely behind on all blogging, as you can tell. i'm also severely behind on all blog reading. i have no idea what's been going on out there in the world of the innernets. we just watched the finale of Top Chef on Tuesday night (this past tuesday night - yes), so until we watched it, i couldn't permit myself to lurk on anyone else's blog because then that would have spoiled all the fun, wouldnt it have? and how come Dale didn't win? he ought to have won just from the lamb recipe alone. lamb cooked in duck fat, jesus h. christ. he will coast to heaven on a rickshaw pulled by cabana boys in hot pants, much to saint peter's shock.

so even though i've been behind on all things blog, i actually haven't been cooking of late. the New Big Corporate has me working odd hours, such as coming in late and staying late. i am an early person; i used to be at work at Old Big Corporate no later than 7 am. this Coming In Late thing, i dont know what to make of it yet. my usual routine is shot. i haven't been kickboxing, and i most certainly haven't been cooking. in fact, i called the boy yesterday while stuck on 285 East while trying to merge on GA 400 North and asked him to order a pizza because i was starving and about to eat my steering wheel.

But i ate this in Raleigh.

oh sweet jebus, barbecue is good. This picture shows a tub o' Noth Cahrolanah style barbecue, a tub of Brunswick stew, and a tub of baked beans. I've had my fair share of Brunswick stew from Carey Hilliards when i lived in Savannah, but i'd never tried NC barbecue before. there is no sauce, not a touch of red in there (except for the spice). the meat is seasoned with a fair amount of vinegar. i'm all about that. i ate the hell out of this while there, then brought some home for the boy to try.

i like sauce, though, so i don't think that NC barbecue is my favorite kind, but i wouldn't kick it out of bed.

anyway, back to the ol' grind.


Ashley said…
Sweet Jebus indeed... I do loves me sum BBQ. I come from south GA and grew up on some of the finest vinegar-based sauces this blue planet has e'er seen! Carey Hilliards is good but, in my little slice of heaven, it was Boyd's or Vandy's. Umm-umm! So good you'd want to slap yo mama...


Glad to hear you landed on your feet. If you are still downtown feel free to give me a buzz for lunch one day.

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