a big pot of chili

it was 43 degrees outside when i woke up this morning (62 in the house). actually, when i first woke up i couldn't move because Mrs. P had hopped up on the bed and was so smooshed up against me that she had pinned down the blankets, and i felt like i was in a cocoon.

mental note to switch out blankets tonight; on goes the down comforter.

i'm pleased that this cooler weather has us making comforting dishes. i did end up making french onion soup on sunday (used a Julia Child recipe), and we will be dining on that tonight along with sandwiches. when i walked through the door last night after an especially long Monday at work, i was greeted with this.

this is a wendy's chili knock-off recipe, which the boy added chopped jalapeno, garlic powder, and tabasco sauce to. i made the cornbread when i got home, and normally i do make it from scratch. but last night i just grabbed one of those jiffy box mixes and followed the recipe plus added a few tablespoons of sugar and let the mix set for a few minutes before putting in the oven to bake. say what you want, but those jiffy cornbread mixes are cheap and handy to keep around. and the added sugar? that's a northern thing (i think). the boy prefers his cornbread that way.


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