in honor of National Meatloaf Appreciation Day

so yesterday, i tried to catch up on some food blog reading and noticed, via the Serious Eats website, that it was National Meatloaf Appreciation Day. which prompted me to text message the boy.

me: Today is Nat'l Meatloaf Appreciation Day

15 minutes go by.

me: And then monkeys flew outta my butt

which prompted him to call me.

him: "So what are you trying to tell me? are we supposed to have meatloaf tonight?"
me: "Well, it was just a thought. But I wont be home until late". (i had an appointment with my hairdresser later).
him: "It'll take too long. Let's make something else".
me: "Okay lets just have big salads with grilled chicken".
him: "Sure thing".

I fully anticipated coming home to grilled chicken salad. But to my surprise, the boy made meatloaf and mashed potatoes. I guess he got the taste in his mouth for some meatloaf and nothing but meatloaf would do. he's good, my boy.

Years ago when i lived in Savannah, my buddies and I would go eat at Paula Deen's restaurant, because it was cheap and there was a buffet. which means that poor college students could go there and fill up to their hearts content. it was long before Miz Deen became popular on the Food Network. i had her first cookbook back then, and i've used the basic meatloaf recipe ever since. Say what you will about her (and God knows i do), but her food is no frills and sometimes that's exactly what you want and need.

I never had meatloaf growing up. Sure, i had the French versions all the time (pâté is more or less a meatloaf, if you want to get technical). but i never ever had meatloaf for dinner until i was 17 and went to visit my American grandmother in Florida. the first night the boy met my mom (poor boy), she parked his butt in a chair across from her and proceeded to interrogate him like the Catholic inquisition until he was sweating. she asked him pointedly about his "intentions" (we were engaged by that time), direct and indiscreet questions about his family, about his political views, about why he liked working with food. the poor boy, who'd only heard about Mothra through my dad, my brother and I, held up well. during that conversation, he mentioned that i did a fair amount of cooking as well. Mothra said, "Oh yes? she cooks? No. she doesn't cook". He replied, "No, she really does cook well. Sometimes we have meatloaf...", and before he could proceed any further, she cut him off. "Meatloaf ? Mais, what ees that? Meatloaf?". Then stared at my dad, accusingly, as if it was his fault, being American, that i cooked this atrocity. "We never eat that een thees family. Where deed you learn about meatloaf? Mais, c'est pas bon, ça!".

I've heard of people using the Joy of Cooking's meatloaf recipe and replacing the liquid in the recipe with Guinness. This is something that i will eventually try. because Guinness? so good. i definitely have to be in the mood for one, and now that it's truly fall, at least it certainly feels like it today (this is a happy, good thing), i'm jonesin' for one. well, maybe for later. it's still early morning here.


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