on pumpkins and pumpkin pie

When i was 20, i was a nanny to a high-strung 5 year old child i'll call DiDi. DiDi's mom ran a male modeling agency in Paris. she asked me to meet her at her office for my interview, and I showed up and giggled my way through it, what with all the eye candy standing around posing and trying to get their schedules from her. Lord knows why she gave me the job in the first place, because I acted like a total dweeb when I met her.

DiDi clung to me like glue. She was high-strung because her mom was always working or at work-related fashion functions and her dad was a male model and never around (the parents weren't together. the mother, a lesbian, made what i'm sure was a very expensive arrangement with one of the most attractive gay models at her agency. Needless to say, DiDi was a gorgeous kid). Sometimes when DiDi was having one of her tantrums, i'd pop a movie in the VCR and sit her in front of it, and she'd sit there completely mesmerized. one of the movies we watched the most was Disney's Alice in Wonderland, and i will say now that it happens to be one of my favorite movies of all time. i love nonsense (one of my favorite authors is Edward Lear, who wrote my all-time favorite poem The Owl and the Pussycat). i own a copy of Alice in Wonderland on tape someplace, although i can't watch it because we gave our VCR away when we last moved to Atlanta. (Dear Boy, this is a less-than-subtle hint to please find a copy of said movie for me in your broad innernet travels and burn it. thank you, love Me).

anyhoo - so i love AiW, and for a while when i lived in Savannah my answering machine message played the sound bite of the cheshire cat saying, "Can you stand on your head?". I love the cheshire cat, i think he's the bomb; and when i found a pumpkin carving pattern of him on the good ol' web, i couldn't resist.

I meant to take pictures of lit pumpkins last night, but forgot. We were busy roasting pumpkin seeds at the time. and my carving doesn't remotely look like the cheshire cat, more like the Grinch. who's another favorite of mine, so i'm not all that sad about it.

We have now entered into my absolutely favorite season of all time. I get really excited at the beginning of fall and spring because of the weather change, the colors, the smells, and the new and fresh culinary options available. Which reminds me that I want to make soup today, although I’ve no idea what kind. I’ll probably wind up making French onion soup, which will give me an opportunity to use up some of that beef stock I made last month.

The boy informed me yesterday, when we were out and about in our travels (running errands) that he really wanted pumpkin pie, which made me very excited, because I had just caught up on blog reading and was drooling over pictures of Joe Pastry’s pumpkin squares. I didn’t use Dorie Greenspan’s recipe as I don’t have that book (but am adding it promptly to my Amazon.com wish list), so I used the recipe on the epicurious.com site and added rum, as Joe suggested. I also took Joe’s advice on using my baking stone to cook the pie on.

I’m still kind of new to pie making, although it’s not scary anymore (once you’ve figured out how to make pie dough and go through those motions, all will be right with the world). And I loved the silky texture of the pie and the fact that it wasn’t ridiculously sweet, which is my problem with all holiday pies. Pecan pie is so good, but the kind my dad makes calls for an entire cup or so of corn syrup. foul, evil stuff. When I make this again, I will definitely make some sweetened and/or booze-laden whipped cream to serve alongside.

I also think I rolled the dough out too thinly. The boy said he would have liked more crispiness in his crust, so I think it’s a combination of the dough being too thin and I probably didn’t pre-bake it enough.

Another reason I wanted to make this is because we’re going to visit my folks in San Francisco for Christmas, and I want to help make some good food. this is part 1 of me trying to perfect my pie skills before i head out there. I think this pie would please my mom for the fact that it’s not overly sweet.

then again, watch me not make pie while i' m out there.

Happy Halloween to you all.


And the pie was dammm good, too!

I liked the crust because it wasnt too crusty. I think some pies get overpowered by dough.

The whipped cream added the perfect touch.

I'll be over for some more pie later! :)

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