on what i've been up to

can you believe it's october already? i have no idea where the month of september went. and i do apologize for my lack of posts. you'd think since i'm currently in between jobs that i'd be blogging like crazy. not so. last week was busy, and i actually have a new job (!) which starts next monday. not bad for a girl who was hungover during the interview (in my defense, i had no idea i'd be interviewing that day; i got the call for the interview that morning. which prompted me to lift up my eye mask, scrutinize the caller ID, and groan, "You've got to be kidding me". so i go from one Big Corporate to another Big Corporate - go figure. i just got back from peeing in a cup for said new job. i've never been drug tested for a job before, so this was a new experience for me. and i giggled a lot. why? who the hell knows? it just seemed like the thing to do. "here - go pee in this cup. when you're done, do not flush or wash, just walk out here and hand me the cup. then you can go flush and wash". isn't that a riot? well. i thought so.

so since i only have this week off before i have to Start Dressing and Acting Like an Adult Again, i'm off to Raleigh tomorrow to visit the in-laws for a couple of days. i haven't seen them since new year's, and my sister in law and i are pretty great friends and i do miss her a lot.

i was going to bake something to bring along, like cookies or a smooshy cake, but i just don't have it in me today (again, i'm hungover - i've been awake since 5:15 am sporting a good sized headache). it was all i could do to run to the grocery store, trader joe's for dried fruit for the sister-in-law, and the pee in a cup thing. i'm actually contemplating a short nap here in my immediate future, before i get up and pack up the car and figure out the best driving route to get to NC.

i'll blog in depth about some of these things later, but i just wanted to show you what i've been up to the past three weeks.

preserved lemons.

a 10-pound roast chicken, which i brined first. the boy said that this was the best roast chicken he's ever had. :)

southern style cornbread with bacon (this went with the big pot of texas style chili i made).

beef stock.

three kinds of chicken wings. we ate these on our anniversary, which is why there are glasses of bubbly up front.

anyway - this girl needs a nap. i've a dog moaning from the top of the stairs wanting some attention, so i better get to it. nothing like falling asleep with your arms around a big smooshy dog. see you all when i get back from raleigh in a few days.


NDM said…
Oh my God-we have the same vision for the afterlife!
Ann said…
Your photos make me want to go into a weekend cooking frenzy. Nice blog! I dropped by after seeing your post at serious eats.
french tart said…
Thanks, ann! i will definitely have to check out your blog.

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