on rain and turkey

i'm sure everyone in atlanta had a nice relaxing weekend, but that was all thrown out the window this morning when the rain started. because, Rain? what is that? suddenly, all ability to drive, all logic and common sense is thrown out the window. people in atlanta do not know how to drive in the rain (and don't get me started on snow - you might as well just stay home on those rare occasions)**. it took me an hour to get to work this morning; and just when i thought i'd made it, i almost got hit in the parking garage of my building. some shmo who was pissed off that another lady stole his spot decided to slam on the accelerator while veering around her; if i hadnt jumped backwards about two feet i'd have been hit. i yelled out, "HEY! WATCH WHAT YOU'RE DOING, DUDE!" but he just blinked at me and sped away.

and then i realized how silly i sounded by screaming out DUDE at 8 am. especially while wearing 3 inch heels.

i have plenty to write about regarding thanksgiving, and lots of pictures to show, but not today (sorry!). i recently purchased a domain name (yay!) and will be migrating Things and Stuff over there, so i spent the entire weekend swearing at my computer because i can't get Things and Stuff to work properly. i am totally in over my head when it comes to All Things Computer Related. 8 years ago i would have been able to do this stuff, but i'm out of practice, which resulted in me getting pretty grumpy. i want it to work, dammit. i'm willing it to work.

so anyway, i'll keep you posted on that grumpy progress. in the meantime, here's something to tide you over, even though i just know we're all sick of the sight of turkey at this point (i'm so leftovered-out i could scream).

yes, your eyes do not deceive you. we had not one but two turkeys this year. not because we were feeding hoards of people, mind you. but only because we are gluttons; fools, really. the boy discovered the joys of deep-fried turkey this year and decided to make it for thanksgiving. but more than anything, he loves his roast turkey; so instead of tossing a coin and figuring out which one to make, he made both.

** this rant isn't against the rain itself, because i realize that we're in a drought and georgia needs rain. so i'm not complaining about that. i'm being a complainy-pants about the drivers on GA400 South. end rant.


Ann said…
Wow! Two, count 'em, two turkeys! Now THAT's Thanksgiving bounty!
Ashley said…
Don't know if you know this or not but you can point your blog to a domain and it will work. My domain is all hosted by blogger and works flawlessly.

Ashley Miller
I thought that might work (what she said up there), but I am not computery!

I'll take some leftovers if your sick of them! We don't have any! :)
french tart said…
meh. i did not know that. i bought the domain (cheap), then someone to host (not cheap), and am now dealing with wordpress issues amongst other things.

i will deal with this later. when i've become less crabby.

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