on the Beaujolais Nouveau

At this exact moment, my buddy Charles is sitting on the curb in front of his favorite wine store in Williamsburg VA waiting for it to open. But booze stores don't open this early, you say. That's right; they don't. But Charles has an "understanding" with the owner of this particular shop. Every year on the third Thursday in November for as far back as I've known Charles, he sits on the curb out front of this particular store until the owner notices him, which prompts the owner to unlock the door and let Charles buy a case of Beaujolais Nouveau. Charles feels it would be an intrusion if he knocks on the door, so he graciously sits outside until he's noticed.

I have heard nothing - and i mean, Nothing - about this year's BN. I normally celebrate along with the rest of the pleebs. I've hosted gatherings in the past, been to the French Consulate dinners in San Francisco, and went to a good party last year hosted by a francophile friend of Patty's. I usually scour the web looking for related articles on the subject on the days leading up to The Day to find out what the weather was like prior to the grapes being picked, what the experts are saying, what the French are saying.

But this year, nothing. I almost forgot about it, to be honest. I've got so much going on right now, and on top of that I keep forgetting that we're already half way through November and that Thanksgiving is in one week. (How is that possible? Dear Boy, we better get on the task of finalizing our menu and shopping, ¡rapidamente!).

I'll email my mom in a little bit to find out what she thinks of this year's release (she's currently in Paris, braving the lovely transit strike by schlepping all over town in high heels; this is the same woman who rode a camel in Morocco wearing Prada boots). And I will spend part of my lunch hour calling the liquor stores close to my house to see if they've got their shipment in. I had a heckuva time last year finding some On That Day.

Happy Beaujolais Nouveau day to all of you!


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Call the liquor store by the old Super H. They get Silver Oak when it is released and seem to know wine over there. I don't know the name, but it's on Pleasant Hill.
french tart said…
I called around all over the place - i even called the wine school where i took classes, but nobody answered the phone there. which is probably just as well, since i probably don't need them thinking i'm a huge doofus. i got led on a wild goose chase up to Windward Parkway (the guy who answered the phone said he had 7 cases of it, but when i got there nobody could find any). i drove around alpharetta for an hour checking all the liquor stores, when the boy called and said he found it at Haynes Bridge Wine & Spirits. the funny thing is that I called them earlier in the day but they said they wouldn't have it until today (Friday).

Reminder for next year: call later in the day. it will save me a lot of headache and gas.

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