girl's night in

Patty invited me over to her house on Friday night so that we could watch Amelie. J asked me later if we sat around in skimpy nighties and had a pillow fight. Men are such dim bulbs. Of course that's what we did!

(eyes rolling)

Amelie has been out forever now - in fact, i think i may have a copy on VHS that Charles sent me but never watched as I don't have a VCR anymore. I'd never seen it. I wanted to see it. I really did. But for the past few years, everyone has been telling me I ought to watch it, and somewhere deep down, the rebellious teenager in me came out and I was just not going to have it. years ago this German dude I knew in Florida was waxing poetic about how damn great Dances With Wolves was and how I just had to get to the movie theater to check it out. That's all he talked about for days, which resulted in me not seeing the movie for about 10 years.

frankly, I don't know what my damn problem was.

and i'm going to have to rewatch Amelie soon, because Patty and I drank a bit too much while cooking and I had a tendency to start talking during key parts. We were having an animated discussion about wedding dresses and how they are ridiculously sized. As if women weren't already batty about their dress size, wedding dressmakers size their dresses even lower than industry standard. I'm surprised they don't just hand out sedatives and Kleenex at bridal boutiques.

part of the deal about going to Patty's was that we'd have a nice light dinner, to kind of compensate for overindulging during Thanksgiving. that meant, no cheese and crusty baguette, which is usually what we opt for when eating together. so we made shrimp curry with yogurt and peas, and I adapted that Cook's Illustrated recipe for it.

by the time this picture was taken, we'd imbibed a bottle of champagne and were on to the dessert wine I brought. it took us forever to do the mise en place (which you must to do before attempting any successful curry recipe; well, any recipe for that matter).

while we were cooking, Patty had the Arena Rock station playing on Comcast, so we rocked out to this gem.

I hadn't heard that song in about 20 years. and next? they played Slaughter. anyone remember that band? yikes. I do. and now I feel old.

I want to thank Patty for a lovely evening in, and thanks to Zack for sharpening his knife for me and having all the curry spices at hand. and i'm sorry I left your kitchen in a mess. I'm normally pretty good about doing dishes, but it was creeping on 1 am and I had to drive back to suburbia. I'm old and stuff. I don't like seeing 1 am.


Ashley said…
Another parallel in life... I've been listening to "80's Hairband" channel on a lot lately. Probably 'cause I am about to turn the big four-0.

My recent playlist:

Die Hard The Hunter - Def Leppard
Nobody's Fool - Cinderella
Lick It Up - Kiss
Jump - Van Halen

I love their by-line: "You're listening to 80's Hairbands, when dudes looked like ladies!" Apologies in advance if the ads on the site are disrespectful...

Ashley Miller

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