no, i'm not dead. prior to christmas, i worked. a LOT. and i had a lot of work-related issues. then i traveled to the west coast; and now i don't feel so hot due to trying very hard to not come down with a cold (i'm remedying this by taking heavy doses of nyquil and red wine).

i ate this in a little restaurant in sausalito called Fish, where one can sit back and watch the houseboat community with great envy.

dungeoness crab, baby. weird to think that in all the years of childhood i spent in california, i never had it before. it was pretty darn good.

i'll write about christmas eve dinner at a later date, but christmas day, i made duck a l'orange (something i've never made before, but in all honesty, wasnt' that hard to
make). i had asked my mom to pick up some chicken stock from the store...

and she brought this dude home.

that picture is strangely creepy to me!

so i dismissed it by drinking some local sparkling. because, on christmas day, one must imbibe with some local Napa goodstuff while cooking. at least, that was my motto.

i'll write more in the next few days. right now, it's a nyquil fog.


redactedrecipes said…
It is a creepy picture. Feel better!

Karyn said…
Feel better! I hope you enjoyed your hoildays (I know you did - you had crab cakes. Crab cakes make everything better. Just don't mix them with Nyquil).

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