life beyond the foam

so they announced the contestants for the new Top Chef: Chicago, and two of them are from Atlanta... and one of them is Richard Blais! i'm still kind of bummed out that we didn't get over to Element before it closed. the boy was willing to give it a shot, even though the first time we went to One (when Blais was there), the food was really not so great (and our waitress! dear lord. she sucked. but that's another story).

i am very excited to see what blais will come up with (i do hope he's progressed BEYOND the FOAM!). can't help but root for the local.

the other atlantan is some chick i've never heard of.

tonight i'm introducing the boy to bangladeshi food; we're meeting patty and zack over at Panahar. i do love that place, and i hope the boy shares my enthusiasm for it.


emily1274 said…
I dont like foam...I know it's all fancy schmancy, but I'll take mine sans foam, s'il vous plait!

(hope I spelled that right!)

Did the boy like the food Friday?

Happy Monday! :)
french tart said…
you spelled it correctly.

i think he liked it, but we're going to give it another try soon. he was doped up on flonase and other stuff, so i think it compromised his taste buds.

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