silly friday post

totally not food related.

so my friend patty is getting married later this year, and she's been all being busy planning the event. she's having her friend greg play the shofar as part of the ceremony.

(yeah, not being jewish, i had to look up what a shofar was).

our conversation via gchat or whatever that google chat thing is called:

Patty: did i tell you what z and i got in the mail yesterday? i might have.
me: no. what did you get?
Patty: so awesome
me: a baby polar bear?
Patty: let me find a photo. shofar

me: did you stand around playing all night? march around the house?
Patty: little known fact: the inside of an ibix horn smells kind of bad
me: i'll take your word for it
Patty: hey wtf, you can buy non-smelly versions. no fair.
me: hahah. does it say that? "non smelly"? i wonder if using febreeze on it would work (ed. note: febreeze is a necessary household item at the French Tart's abode. Mrs P likes to sleep on furniture).
Patty: shofar
"Easy Blow, non smelly."
me: OH MAN! it does!!!
Patty: whoops. we got one with extra stink. oh well
me: that's like the best thing i've read all day

so then patty called me on my cell so that i could hear her huffing and puffing away at that thing trying very hard to interlace the two notes it makes, and i sat here at my desk in the hallway at New Big Corporate and laughed my ass off while people walked by glancing over their shoulders at me.

Patty: last night my mom called when we were drinking wine and i played it into the phone at her. she found something else to do really quickly after that.

So, having said that this is not food-related is not really true. because the antelope had to be kosherly-killed, and probably eaten, or else it would be a waste otherwise.

go forth and enjoy your friday.

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Ashley said…
You opened a huge door for me to comments on "smelly horns" and "blowing" and the like... I'll restrain myself.


I made french toast today for the wife and kids. It was easy, tasty and made me feel almost like a hero. That's as close to a "foodie" blog entry as I've probably ever been.

Paix à vous mon ami.

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