tales of the Knife Guy

the boy was working one recent Wednesday when the Knife Guy came in. i'm not sure of this man's exact title, but he's the dude who goes around to all the area restaurants and sharpens their knives for them (he goes to the boy's restaurant on Wednesdays). i've never met Knife Guy, but just before Christmas when i dropped my small Global knife and the tip broke right off and i thought i was going to drown in a lake of self-pity, the boy brought it to Knife Guy who retooled the blade and made it brand spankin' new again. he wouldn't take any money for it, so the boy gave him one of my apples.

so back to a recent Wednesday, and Knife Guy showed up and practically jumped up and down when he saw the boy (okay - i don't know if he really jumped up and down, but the boy called me to tell me how ecstatic Knife Guy was to see him, so i imagine that he jumped up and down, or would have if he could). apparently, Knife Guy brought home my apple and his wife ate it and wouldn't share much with him. I think he got all of one measly bite; but the bite he had was so good, he said, that he wanted to know if i'd make him another and he'd pay me for it.

since Knife Guy has not only recently saved my Global knife, but previously he fixed one of our Shun's which, inexplicably, sported a big efffin' gouge right smack in the middle of the blade, and the boy has another Shun whose blade is just warped and fractured-looking that he wants fixed, Knife Guy is getting not one but two apples for free. yesterday, we decided to go to the Fresh Market near the house, a place i do not frequent very often because the prices are astronomical. but when one wants some specialty food, or a hard to find cut of meat, one goes there. we originally went there to buy some hanger steak so that i could make the hanger steak soft tacos (recently posted in Serious Eats), but they didn't have any (blasphemy!), so we settled on a nice flank steak instead. while at Fresh Market, i picked up a couple of ginormous Fuji apples, so big that they put the Christmas apples to shame. shopping at Fresh Market is odd in a way; it's like shopping at Neiman Marcus. everything is so overpriced, but shiny and pretty and you want one of everything. we managed to make it out of there only spending 33 bucks, which is a record, i believe.

so we came home, and i started coating the apples; and then i realized that i'd run out of toffee bits, so i did the next best thing and coated the remaining apple with gummi bears (also bought at Fresh Market).

i don't normally eat gummi bears, or candy for that matter. but while at Fresh Market, they had all these bins of gleaming bright jewel-like candy, and the gummi bears were inexplicably calling my name. when i was a kid, my buddy Sophie Attali and I would go to a candy store near my school on Avenue des Ternes and stock up on gummi coca-cola bottles, which had a sour inside and sugar coated outside. the ones they make here in the States don't compare. i never went for the gummi bears or worms or any of the others; and in fact i can't remember the last time i drank a soda, but i have fond memories of those damn coke bottles. anyway - the boy and i saw the gummi bears at Fresh Market and i pounced. and you know what? they're damn good. so one whole apple got a coating of them. the boy said he didn't think it was a very grown up looking apple, considering the recipient is a grown up. but i firmly believe one should never squash their inner child, hence why i am ridiculously silly at times.


emily1274 said…
I was present at said Global knife incident (the dinner may be blogged). At first I thought you were going to drowned in a lake of blood squirting from your foot! That was a close call. The Boy loves that Global because he ran straight for the knife, not for French Tart's foot to see if it got whacked off! Knife Guy will be so pleased!

Also, thank you for sharing your Gummies yesterday while I vented about Mr. B. The yummy little guys lifted my mood!

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