we interrupt this program to bring you breaking news....

it's snowing!


UPDATE 1/17:

wanted to show pictures in case nobody believes that it actually snowed last night (as i type this, it's all gone. melted away, with nary a speck of white in sight).

that orange streak behind the gas grill is Mrs P, who was busily racing around in circles. she loves snow, and got used to it when we lived in Maryland.

this picture shows how much accumulation we got in Northern Suburbia. again, all gone this morning. phooey.

it was pretty while it lasted.


emily1274 said…
I should have taken pictures! My front yard had so much snow in it that you couldnt see dirt or grass! :) Peter loved it!
french tart said…
i took a few pics, they're up on my flickr.
Cakespy said…
Wait...it snowed in Atlanta!?

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