i need a glass of champagne

i'd recently mentioned in my falafel post that when i get a craving for something, i make a ton of it and eat it for lunch every day until i get sick of it.

having said that, let me tell you that right now, i don't want to see lentils or lasagne for a good long while.

over the past weekend, i made a vat of stewed lentils for lunches this week. i also made an enormous lasagne for sunday night dinner, which fed the boy and i for three dinners, two lunches for me, a couple of lunches for the boy, with three portions left (two went into the freezer for a later date).

today was a very Special Day at New Big Corporate. we had a minor incident, and upon walking through the door at 7:40 am i was kidnapped into a meeting where i sat confused for a half hour (this was pre-coffee) and then kindly goaded to help clean up the mess. i actually really like it when things like this happen, because i work tremendously well under pressure and tend to move mountains like crazy; whereas most of the time when i'm not busy, i sit around in a procrastination daze. maybe i'm an adrenaline junkie. some people get their kicks by bungee jumping off of bridges; i get told at 10:15 am that a Microsoft Project Plan is due by noon for said minor incident, i get it done, and feel totally invincible. i am God.

so today, after i let the adrenaline rush die down a bit, i realized that i was famished. i hadnt eaten a thing yet. i microwaved my lasagne and brought it back to my desk, and was totally sad about it. i half-heartedly ate it. i'm sick of it. it just seemed kind of a letdown to eat 5-day old lasagne after saving the universe.

the thing is, my lasagne is really good. but the recipe i follow, which is one of Tyler Florence's, literally makes enough to feed an army. and i never want to eat it again!

well, at least not for another 6 months.


Ann said…
Do you find that the immersion one experiences when cooking a huge batch of food leaves you feeling as if you've already eaten it before you even serve it?

I do. I've got a huge bread pudding in my refrigerator that I guess I'd better freeze soon. :-)
french tart said…
yes! it's so funny that you mention that. i also feel that way when making cookies (as i did last night and sadly, didn't take any pictures). a good ol' cookie dough is the easiest thing in the world to throw together; but i cook my cookies one sheetpan at a time, because of my oven's quirkiness. putting in cookies, rotating the sheets, pulling them and putting in a new batch; after an hour of this, i really don't want a cookie anymore.

i also feel that way if i'm marathon cooking, like making a lot of food for a party. at the end of it all, i'm sated, probably from "visually eating" the entire time.
Karyn said…
I think I get "sated" from tasting the sauce, vegetables, etc., before throwing the pan in the oven.

There are very few leftovers that I want to eat. I've made lasagna for one before . . . I'll do it again!

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