kitchen renovation - a slow but steady progress

so a while back, i painted one wall in our kitchen a nice red. the other walls remained bare of paint until we figured out what color we wanted to paint them or got our act together, whichever came first.

one day while making coffee for one (when i make coffee for just me, i use either a one-cup french press or my moka express) and i was sitting there waiting for it to do it's thing and staring at the bowl of fruit on the kitchen island, when it suddenly hit me. i wanted the kitchen walls to be the color of these mangos. i took a picture to commemorate that moment and use as a reference.

then i called out to the boy, who was busy reading the innernets in the other room, "You know what?..." followed by a long pregnant pause, to which he replied, "Uh oh." because he knows me well enough to know when i am standing in a room being quiet and i announce, "You know what?" that somehow some physical labor will follow.

we eventually drove to our local home improvement store and looked at paint chips. we brought many of them home and taped them up to the walls to see which ones looked the best in both daylight and at night. we settled on a color called Iced Tea (even though it doesn't remotely look like iced tea). who sits around naming paint chips? do the Suits sit around in boardroom meetings deciding on what colors ought to be called? do they use a projector to make a color swatch full screen and then shout out what they think the color should be? whoever Suit decided that particular yellow ought to be called Iced Tea is on some serious drugs. i'd call it Buttercup or something, but I guess that's too common. they were going for some oomph i suppose. the boy decided that the Martha Stewart paint collection has the best paint names. i wonder how much involvment ol' Martha has with the naming convention of her paints, or if she pays someone to do that for her? they all sound so charming. Pebble Path and Shimmering Pond and Alpine Top. makes me want to go on vacation. sigh.

so anyways, we painted, and then we installed the pot rack that Mrs B graciously donated to our cause.

okay, so the potrack is up too high, so i need to get some lengths of chain this weekend and lower it a bit; however, i kind of like it up pretty high as it gives some vertical length to the room that we didnt notice it had before. the painting above the knives is a whimsical poppy study sent to us from my aunt and uncle who own an art gallery. they sent us this about two weeks ago as a belated christmas present, and when i opened the package, i couldnt really tell if i liked it or not. it's very girly, in a way; but the boy said he liked it and wouldnt you know that it has all the colors of our kitchen incorporated into the painting. like, how did my aunt and uncle know? so up it went and now i like the painting, as it is appropriately placed beside the back door and i can only imagine the wind coming through and blowing the poppies until they are bent over.

this is what the wall looked like before hanging up the potrack.

and previous to that is the picture the boy took when we were doing the home inspection prior to buying.

the kitchen is not perfect yet, but it will be. i still have one wall to paint (not shown) that i wanted to paint in the red, but after the yellow went up and we lived with it for a while, we decided that one wall had to be yellow. would be too much red going on.

i've got to get back to my lunch. the boy didn't get home until 2 am, but he brought me home a container of lobster bisque with added pieces of lobster in it. sucks to be me. thank you boy!


NDM said…
i love it-mangoes are the inspiration for all good things. of course my house is currently painted brown, orange (bright), orange (dark), green (light), green (dark) and red (really dark). any fear of color i had before is gone, replaced instead with questionable combination choices...
arLeNe said…
Thanks for the post. I love what you did with the paintings. I agree that successful kitchen renovation is not simply a matter of selecting the right paint colour or a wallpaper design. Success actually hinges on three factors: planning, quality materials and the installers’ competence.

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