R.I.P. Rainwater

so the boy's at work yesterday, just finishing up the lunch rush, busy screwing around with about a hundred cases of chicken and a vat of veal demi that needed to be dealt with, when they all got pulled into an impromptu meeting to find out that their restaurant was officially closed, right then right there. clean up and go home.

so he went home and did what any good chef does when they've had a disappointment: he tipped back the bottle of whiskey. a couple of hours later when i turned the car into our driveway, i could hear U2 blaring through the windows of the house (and the windows were closed).

we're still not really sure what went down, why a seemingly successful really good restaurant with rich-as-shit owners just closes. he goes in at noon today to get the scoop.

i feel badly for my boy. and since i just went through this period myself not so long ago, i totally know how it feels; it's not something i wish anyone to go through. it feels like a break-up and there's nothing you can do about it.

but i really feel badly for the poor manager who had to call the bride whose wedding reception was to be held at the restaurant in two weeks. eeeeeeeeck.

and of course, the bride herself.


NDM said…
WTF!! Restaurants are the weirdest (and therefore often the most interesting) places to work. Ping me and I'll share my latest stories of Dining with Atlanta's Elite (delusions of what-deur?).
Ashley said…
Dang. Apologies for reading and, therefore, responding so late. What did they end up saying about the abrupt closure?
french tart said…
well... i'm not sure how much i'm allowed to tell on here - but frankly it's all gossip and rumors. and who am i not to share gossip and rumors?

so basically the owner, who is an older gentleman, is very sick and taking a boatload of meds, and doesn't want to deal with handling a restaurant anymore, so he decided to close it, with no warning. if his son hadn't been buggering one of the waitstaff and therefore been served divorce papers from his wife, he probably would have handed the business over to his son and the place would still be open. but he doesn't trust his son, so the place closed.

the other rampant rumor going around is that reps from Ruth's Chris had been dining there a lot prior to closing, and that the building is being sold to them.

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