not remotely food related

The scene: 6 pm this past sunday. we were just about to sit down to Easter dinner; the boy was at the grill pulling off the asparagus, and I was in the dining room doing busy work (probably pouring a glass of wine). the phone rings, and i ask Mr. B to answer it as he's closest to it.

a few seconds of conversation ensue, and by the time Mr. B hands me the phone, he has a puzzled but amused look on his face.

Me: hello?
Mom: Mais, who eez that? was that your LOVER?
Me: um.

needless to say, mom didn't really believe that Mr B was in fact NOT my lover, that his wife was standing right next to me, that we were about to sit down to dinner with them, and that it's kind of normal for people to NOT have lovers when they're married. she was totally baffled by this.

also, it was midnight in france and she was pretty shnookered by the time she called, which explains the ridiculous conversation.



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