on weekend cook-outs

I’ve had a crappy work week.

But I will not let that dissuade me from having an extraordinary weekend. Because tomorrow, we are hosting a cook-out for a bunch of people (half of whom I don’t know – but that’s fine because one must meet new people!). There’s a bit of rain in our forecast, but I hope that a) weather.com is lying, or b) it can rain early if it wants to but not later! And this is why:

See? I plan on doing a whole lot more of that this weekend. Let me tell you what the cure-all to a bad day at work is: being greeted at the door with a shot of whiskey by your S.O. and then promptly being placed into a hammock to stare at birds and trees and new Spring growth.

On the menu for tomorrow: grilled pork tenderloins, two ways; Stick Meat (chicken satay with peanut dippy sauce); grilled asparagus; bananas Foster; mini crab cakes (okay, these aren’t done on the grill, but hey. I’ve a hankering for crab cakes and the mini ones always go over really well at parties); etc, etc... There will be more food; but I’m having a brain fart as to what is on the menu, because right now I’m dealing with a bitchy Project Manager in Salt Lake City who is about to soon feel the wrath of me (and my figurative foot up her figurative ass), and it’s all I can do to envision myself 5 hours from now emulating the picture below. I sincerely hope you all have a fantastic Spring weekend.


emily1274 said…
weather.com was not lying

but the party was fantastic!

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