pho part 2... um, maybe not

okay so we never got around to eating pho this weekend as I thought we would. instead: we ate some cheap mexican food, bought and assembled a picnic table, strung up a hammock between two trees (thanks for the hammock, mr and mrs b!), lounged around in said hammock, slept a lot, torched and baked a ham, served the ham, painted my nails, watched "Pride and Prejudice". okay, okay: that last one, i'm the only one who did that (i'm also the only one who painted my nails. the boy has been out of his goth stage for, oh, 20 years maybe?). the boy isn't much into period pieces and i was in just that kind of mood.

i'd post pictures of our Easter feast, but they're on the camera at home. some other time maybe.


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