One of my French cousins (meaning, he’s 100% French and not Franco-American, like me and Chef Boyardee) is planning a trip for this next 4th of July to fly out and stay with my parents in California. He’s bringing his kid, his new girlfriend, and her kid.

I hear through the family grapevine (which is catty as all get out) that this new girlfriend is anti-American and quite vocal about it. So we’re all kind of wondering why she’s hooked up with someone whose entire immediate family lives in the States, and who’s related (by marriage) to countless Americans. And why she is imposing herself on my parents!

Oh, to be a fly on the wall for that visit.


Ashley said…
I think thousands (millions?) of people don't like the US or Americans... until they come here. I'm the sole 100% American in my wife's extended family. Her large family, both here and in Spain, have always been accepting, polite and cordial to me. I avoid all of the language, cultural, political and religious barbs. What I find is that we're all simply humans who live, grow, marry and have children and move through this life hoping to make a difference.
Please don't forget there are Americans who dislike the French. My maternal grandfather who emigrated to the US a hundred years ago from Calabria in Italy had a French ancestor who settled in Italy several generations ago. Grandpa could speak French, but he never was big on teaching us. I like France and some of my favorite people are French. There is no more beautiful city in the world to me than Paris. My favorite movie is "An American In Paris" and I fell in love with Leslie Caron immediately. Maurice Chevalier was the best performer I can think of and my favorite artists are Edgar Degas and Pierre-Auguste Renoir, so you can see I find a great deal to admire in the French.
emily1274 said…
I love the irony of the July 4th trip date...woohoo.

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