Not remotely food related: one of the best things ever

yeah, i'm sorry. i've been kind of bad with the non-food posts. i've been eating! i swear it. we got a cabin in the North Georgia mountains this weekend and all we did was eat. i ate hash browns, eggs, bacon, toast, and pancakes for breakfast TWO days in a row. i drank like a fish. i (sorta) hiked with Mrs B. up a mountain called Gobbler's Knob (tee hee!). we sat in a hot tub and toasted the sun setting over another mountain range the boy affectionately called "Boob Mountain" because to him it looked like, well... you know (and the evening continued on with endless jokes about the "Escape from Boob Mountain"). we ate s'mores by the campfire. we (and the dogs) had a good time.

but i've little pictures to show. i be sorry.

what's gotten me so very excited to write tonight, though, is this gem the boy introduced me to. this is terrific. not only is it great, but i just realized not 5 minutes ago that they have all (i think) the episodes of La Femme Nikita. when i moved to Atlanta the first time, back in 1999, i watched this show religiously. the best music, the hokiest storyline. love it.

so why am i wasting time typing this out? i've no idea. i'm off to drool over Birkoff.


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