another version of spatchcocked chicken

Ah, May. Glorious May. It just popped out of the woodwork, didn’t it? I don’t remember April anymore; it passed by with a blur, at full speed. To me, May means a lot more outdoor time, whether it’s yardwork or grilling. There will be a lot of that this month. The blackberry bush I planted last year, which miraculously survived the winter, has totally erupted these past two weeks and is about to get unmanageable. Normally, I’d prefer to let it do its own thing and let it run wild and free, with brambles going everywhere. I like an organized mess. However, I will have to force myself to tame it and create a trellis for it before it gets too crazy. This is because I planted it along the fence that we share with the neighbor, whose house was unoccupied for the entire time we’ve lived here (well over a year), so I deemed it safe to plant there. But recently, a new family moved in, and hey, i’ll be honest. I don’t want them to pick all my berries off of the bush before I can even get to them myself. Call me selfish. I won’t say you’re not wrong.

May means that most of our meals will be grilled outdoors. We started grilling back in March and throughout April when it wasn’t raining or too cold. I’m all about grilling. For one, you don’t have to indecently heat up the house by turning on the oven full blast; and secondly, I love the flavor of grilled food, especially vegetables and fruit. I can hardly wait for peach season to be here, because there is no better dessert than a grilled peach, sometimes drizzled with a little honey, or served with a scoop of ice cream.

Not that I eat dessert very often. I just make it and give it away usually.

Last week, after a particularly long and exhausting day at work, I came home and walked into the kitchen to be greeted with the delicious aroma of citrus hitting me full in the face. The boy decided to make this recipe from the May issue of Bon Appetit magazine. We are no strangers to spatchcocked chicken, but this one seemed just a wee bit different, with the citrus slices under the chicken skin.

The chicken was incredibly moist and the citrus flavors penetrated the meat so thoroughly. I really urge you to try this.

We were having particularly good weather that day, so the boy instructed me to sit in the hammock with a mesa fresca while the chicken marinated. There were some grapefruit and limes lying about, so I juiced a grapefruit half and one lime; put those juices in a drink shaker along with some ice and a couple of glugs of white tequila (around two jiggers worth). Pour over ice and top with another good splash of 7-Up or Sprite. There was no better way to unwind from my day. This is definitely my new go-to hot weather drink. It’s so refreshing.


Ann said…
Yum! I'm so jealous of you people with grills!
Ann at Redacted Recipes

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