i've got blockage

about two weeks ago, in the middle of the week, "they" started doing some severe internet blockage across the company. "They" are probably two dudes locked in a room tanked on Monster energy drinks, monitoring every site we go to.

so day before yesterday during lunch i tried to go to Food and Wine magazine's website. it's blocked. do you know why? because Food and Wine promotes alcohol. okay, fine. i can see New Big Corporate's point. whatever.

the reason i wanted to go to the Food and Wine website is because we recently received next month's issue (which i'd left at home), and there was an interesting article about raw food. i'm no advocate of a strict raw food diet because i like bacon too much, but i do like the idea. and in spring and summer, i tend to eat a lot more raw food than the rest of the year. so i used some Googlefoo to do a search because i couldn't remember the woman's name who wrote the article (for the record, it's Ani Phyo). i found a link, clicked on it, and i got blocked for looking at p o r n (and apparently my immediate supervisor was being alerted to my goings-on).

because Googling "Raw Food" and having a woman's name in the search engine automatically makes me think of p o r n. not you?

i wasn't frustrated until i clicked on a flickr link on the seriouseats site and then my entire internet access was shut down. hosting sites are also a big no-no. i'd reached my quota for the day of blocked sites, all in the space of 5 minutes.

nothing a little rebooting of the 'puter couldn't handle. a quick reboot, and the internet was back up. just at that moment, my buddy Mr. H walked by. I am currently without boss at New Big Corporate due to the last re-org (i've been through 5 in the last 7 months! that beats Old Big Corporate's record), and Mr. H is sort of acting as my boss; he's also a good friend of mine. So anyway, i told Mr. H (while giggling a bit and unwillingly turning red) about my predicament, and about how he's probably going to get some nastygram email about what i do in my free time, and he chuckled a bit and said it happens to everyone.


makes me wonder though, if i'm getting blocked for looking at food sites, what are they getting blocked for?

maybe i don't really want to know.


Ashley said…
Hmm... maybe I need blockage. Sometimes I get so distracted by other things that it's hard for me to focus on the tasks at hand...
charcuteire said…
I use a lap top and somebody in the apartment building across the street didn't set up their wireless in a secure manner.

There is some blocking on the corporte system, but it is mostly porn and some comercial sites that don't advertise on us.
drzachary said…
You can enjoy a purely raw diet and still eat bacon. Good bacon/pancetta is delicious raw.

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