so what did i get in my share?

Some mighty fine radishes
Sugar snap peas
A good amount of salad mix (all kinds of tasty greens in there)
Green onions
Green garlic
Dock (I had to look this one up – it is edible, but in small quantities. Is good for detoxing the liver)

I was also able to cut my own herbs from the herb garden, and I came home with huge handfuls of rosemary and tarragon. I’ve no idea what I’m going to do with all that tarragon! I don’t have that much experience with it. I used some in tomato salads all weekend. I might turn it into a compound butter and freeze it. Who knows.

The radishes are really good with a bit of butter and a sprinkling of salt (yum!). I love that peppery taste.

On the way to and from the farm, I had three cats cross the road in front of my car. One grey and white, one black and white, and the last one was all black. Being the superstitious fool that I am, I started to panic. But soon after the black cat crossed the road, I saw an eagle perched on the tippytop of an electrical pole, sternly surveying the road. Somehow, that made me feel better. And then, geese in V-formation, flying so low I could almost touch them. If there is one thing I love in nature more than anything, it’s geese flying in V-formation. Seeing them makes me instantly happy. They’re always squawking away about something or other (I always wonder what it is they’re talking about. Do geese gossip?). We seem to have a lot of geese in our area. I see them sometimes in the median on Mansell Road on the way to GA400 in the mornings, just pecking away at the grass and utterly ignoring all the hustle and bustle of traffic around them.

On Sunday morning, while making coffee, I realized that we were out of milk, so I dashed over to my local Publix grocery and ran into my friend Rich whom i haven’t seen since i left Old Big Corporate (we worked together). Then I ran into a coworker of Mrs. B’s, someone I’ve had drinks with a couple of times. I’ve never run into anyone I know in the year and a half I’ve shopped there, so that was interesting. Later, after securing my quart of milk and other tasty things, I was pulling out of my parking spot and suddenly I turned into an old nosy lady. It was just a switch inside of me that instantly flipped. I yelled, "LAZY!" out the car window to a teenager, who, as her mom and sister were laughing at her, was trying to jam her cart between two other cars instead of walking the 15 feet to the cart hub thing in the parking lot. The kid stopped what she was doing and looked at me, all astonished.

A little background on this. My biggest pet peeve ever is when people don’t return carts to either the store or the cart hub (cart corral, or whatever it’s called). People exert so much energy trying to wedge the front wheels of their carts up on the curb instead of walking 20 feet to return their cart, or just lazily thrust their cart between two other cars. It drives me up the wall. I’ve sometimes expressed my disgust loudly enough for others to hear; but this was the first time that I shouted out the car window at a lazy kid whose mom was enabling this bad habit. After all, as I’ve been told by others, “They have people who come get the carts”. Yeah? Who are these people? They're usually the cashiers and baggers. So when you’re waiting in a big ass long line wondering why there is only one cashier, it’s because the others are scrambling to go get the damn carts out from the middle of the road.

End rant.

Hmm. I think I need some coffee.


emily1274 said…
I probably teach that kid! You have no idea how lazy kids are these days. Okay, I'm an old lady now, too!

Badger said…
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Badger said…
Mmmmm...bearnaise sauce with a nice steak...that's what I'd do with at least some of that tarragon! Many tasty meals to you (and I'm jealous, we don't appear to have any CSAs nearby in central MD)! I do enjoy reading your blogs.

-Amy, old friend of your boy
french tart said…
amy - sorry about no CSAs, but what about farms or farmer's markets near you:

and put in your zip code. the boy's sister used to go to a farmer's market in annapolis on fridays (i think an Amish farmer's market?), and even though it's a bit of a trek, there is one that starts later this month in Baltimore under the President's Street bridge.

Mrs. B, nah this kid was older than the kids you teach. although i've lately seen 12 year olds with boobs (frightening), so my gauge is way off.
Badger said…
There is actually a farm very near my house, but it is not organic. I do prefer to support them rather than Giant! I used to go to an Amish market in Laurel when I worked there. Man, I miss their meats! The bacon was phenomenal!

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