the long overdue Father's Day post

I meant to write about this last week, but I was waiting on a certain someone (who shall remain nameless) to send me the list of recipes he used. And then, frankly, I got sidetracked/lost interest/took a couple of naps/procrastinated/watched a significant amount of terrible television. This kind of stuff happens. I formulate what i think is a fantastic and supremely witty blog post in my head, thinking of all the accolades I’d receive for being so clever and beguiling in my prose. And then I leave it to fester on the back burner until it’s almost too late to write anything about it. Sigh.

Does that happen to you?

So anyway, Ken and MA, who are from Atlanta, have a ton of family around. And since neither the boy nor I have family in town, they graciously invited us over to their house to meet family on Father’s Day and pig out.

Surprisingly, we actually didn’t have any pig at all. But we did have turkey legs and beef brisket.

It started the day before. I was, um, incapacitated all day (meaning, I was unable to lift my head off the pillow all day Saturday until about 4 pm without the room spinning due to hitting the sauce all night Friday with Chris), and the boy ran back and forth between our house and Ken’s. God knows what they were up to. I heard a lot of giddy food talk and back-slapping going on downstairs, which meant that they were using Ken’s smoker again. The boys made a couple of rubs for the meats (hee!), and spent the evening at Ken’s getting the smoker ready (the brisket went on about midnight).

Photographic evidence of what we ate:

the smoked turkey legs and brisket (the boys adapted this recipe and that recipe)

MA's baked beans

this is my new favorite way to make corn on the cob. remove silks (and husks, if you want). mash up some room temperature butter, lime zest, some lime juice, salt & pepper (and if you want some kick, some minced jalapeno), and slather that all over the corn. wrap in tin foil and place on the cool side of your grill. you can keep it on the grill for a long time this way. i used the last of my farm butter for this batch of corn, and it made an ultra-rich slather.

MA's hash brown casserole, for which I want the recipe.

here the turkey legs are resting....

... while the boys work hard at the brisket with a couple of forks.

MA's sister also made a red velvet cake (she used a Paula Deen recipe), and we also had some grilled pineapple with pineapple sorbet, recipe which i found on Serious Eats.

the boy has his own smoker now. he went back to barbecues galore, that of the Great Toe Incident of last week. he haggled the salesman and got a good price on their floor model. he's since broken the smoker in by making smashing smoked ribs... but that's for another blog post.

Thanks to MA for providing the photos, seeing as my dumb ass left our camera at home.

And happy belated Father's day to all Dads out there.


emily1274 said…
mmmmmmmmmmm ribs
Ann said…
Oooh... I loves ribs!
Ann at Redacted Recipes
Badger said…
I do believe that's bacon I see in the baked you DID eat pig over the weekend! I so love a hashbrown casserole. I like the shredded potatoes better than the cubed Southern style, and I willingly admit that I use OreIda rather than cut up or shred my own potatoes.
french tart said…
love the ribs! i'll post something about them soon, when i get the recipe from the boy.

amy - yes, that would be pieces of bacon mixed in with the beans. and those beans were delicious. MA used shredded potatoes in hers, and i haven't seen the recipe yet, but there is absolutely no harm in picking up a bag of frozen Oreida taters. i made hash browns for breakfast when we were up at the cabin a few months ago, and those potatoes came straight from the freezer. a little doctoring up of them never hurt.

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