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My mom is currently in France, due back relatively soon since she’s hosting some big shindig on the 4th. I sent her the address of a restaurant in Paris that I’d read was pretty darn great. She responded, Friday at midnight Paris time. I’ve kept in the typos and all.

Happy to hear from you; You need to come to France so we can enjoyed the wonderful tables and bread .;;;; Georges Buch is in Paris today but nobody care because we are playing a soccer game for the European cup against Holland and so far we are losing.;;;; I will call you this week end when you are off let me know when i can call

English is her second language, and normally she’s a lot better at writing than this. Hmm, I wonder how much of this was wine fueled?

France got their asses kicked in that match.


In other news, the boy screwed his big toe up. Do you want to know how? Cos I’ll tell you. It’s truly classic.

The boy’s been buttering me up to get a smoker. He’s whined, pleaded, done some homework, used our buddy Ken’s smoker to “get the feel of it”, done more homework. I finally consented.

So he drove to Barbecues Galore and got out of the car. Through the store window he saw shiny, new grills. A lot of shiny, new grills. They beckoned him, like sixteen vestal virgins singing to him through the haze, like candy to a toddler in a stroller. In a trance, he rushed up to the store window and didn’t see a wee small concrete step.... and slammed his sandaled foot into it. Blood everywhere. Fun times.

Being a boy, he got his ass up and hobbled into the store anyway because the damned grills were not to be ignored. Then he called me at work to tell me what happened, and I told him he couldn’t get the smoker that day because I didn’t want him lifting anything and oh, I don’t know, dropping it on his foot or something. He reluctantly relented. I told him to go to our doctor. He ignored my request and said, “I’m going to Costco. You need anything?”.

He eventually went to the doctor. The next day.


We made these shrimp last week because we needed to do something with them as they’d been defrosted for a couple of days. I must say, for Publix brand peeled and deveined frozen shrimp, these were not bad at all, not bad at all.

We used a version of this recipe, except we didn’t do the whole garlic slices sizzling in oil, because we were feeling a bit lazy. We also don’t have any ancho chili power on hand, so used regular chili power. Once the shrimp were off the grill, we ate some, then shared the rest with our neighbors. Easiest damn recipe; I urge you to make these.


We’re slowly trying to get all of our friends to move into our neighborhood, and so far we’ve not done so badly. Some friends of ours who used to cook with the boy at Rainwater are moving in not a block away from our house. They are pretty great people, although they fall into the hippie category and listen to Widespread Panic. We’ll forgive them for this one flaw. Heh.

I say this in jest, because it turns out that most of our friends up here in Suburbia are really huge fans of hippie jam bands and stuff; something that the boy and I are not into one least little bit. We have a pretty great group of friends these days, so as long as they forgive the boy and I for being the oldest of the bunch and pooping out on them early in the evenings, we’ll forgive them for their taste in music. (dear Mrs B, please don’t send me hate mail! Love, FT)

This coming from the girl whose ipod is full of 80s stuff and what we used to call back in my day Progressive music. Which turned into Goth. Which turned into... what do they call it these days? Emo? Sigh. Who wants to go see Peter Murphy with me in July?

Punk rock is not dead; it just sucks now.


emily1274 said…
"Punk rock is not dead; it just sucks now."

But Hippie music will forever be JAMMIN'! ;)

Okay, had to do it....


Mrs. B
Ann said…
Speaking as one of the original punks, I have to say there was always crappy punk mixed in with the good stuff. And it will ever be so. :-)
Ann at Redacted Recipes

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