very briefly: about absinthe

so my friend Charles, he who sends the odd/weird/comical/childish gifts, sent me an early birthday present. on the outside of the UPS box was written "Do Not Open!" in Charles' handwriting, which amused me. Do not open until when? Christmas?

so i called him today to thank him for the package, and to ask him exactly WHEN could i open it? (my birthday is not until next week - but we're having a huge shindig tomorrow to celebrate it - and my friend MA has the same birthday as I do, so it will be a Double Shindig). and Charles laughed and laughed. he told me i could open the box when i got home today.

which i did.

and in it was a bottle of absinthe.

so what did we do?


and our reactions?

I don't know if you're supposed to shoot it straight or sip on it like a Ricard or a Sambuca. but we shot it straight. and that's how it tasted, at least to me.

and emily's reaction is priceless.

ah, absinthe. 55% alcohol. it made me feel a wee bit woozy, and everything is in technicolor. a wee fraction of what it must have felt like 100 years ago. fun, though.

UPDATE: absinthe hangovers are not your friend.


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