play with your food

do you play with your food? well you should. at least, in a sanitary way.

i havent posted much at all lately, so i figured i'd bring you up to speed with a couple of choice photos....

.... starting with this first one, taken on my birthday. the boy made me King crab legs and a ribeye steak. i love me some Surf 'n Turf. that coupled with several glasses of good champagne, and i turned into a huge dork.

Thanks to Sig & Friends for procuring the crab. You guys are fantastic, and not without a certain je ne sais quoi sex appeal (although that Wikipedia photo is absurdly not attractive).

Up next! Bastille Day. i came home from work to find the house smelling amazing, like Good Beef Stock amazing. the boy wanted me to have a full-on Fronch day, so he made Fronch dip sandwiches and Fronch onion soup for dinner (recipes adapted from this and that). He considered making Fronch fries, but thought it would be too much. At least he didn't make Fronch toast, and I didn't ask him for my two dollars.

(oh man i 'm such a geek)

I call this photo The French dip eating French dip. if you want to see more photos, email me and i'll send you the link to my flickr account. there's all kinds of photos on there, most of them bad photography of food, but most are silly. but hey, that's my life. i'm one big Silly.

Your eyes do not deceive you. that is a Californian wine there, not French. but hey, i heard some story years ago about crops not surviving and French vines shipped in to replace them, or vice-versa. something of that sort. and frankly, i prefer Spanish reds to American and French reds, so there.

While the Beast was still cooking, i turned on the tv to find exerpts of Duran Duran's latest concert playing on VH1 Classic, so i danced around the living room, still in my work clothes, while the boy shook his head and made fun of me.

I can't believe that July is half way over; I just don't want the summer to end.


NDM said…
Good lord girl, those are some big Fronch awnyawns! I can't believe I forgot your birthday, mea culpa. Crazy life you know-or maybe I'm just old and senile.

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