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“Gee, where have you been?” you ask.

Working, a lot. And honestly, not a lot of cooking has been taking place.

I did manage to roast a chicken a couple of times, using the recipe from this entry. Roast chicken is our ultimate comfort food. But that was only on the days when we could bear to run the oven. I’ve only run the oven about 3 times this whole summer. It’s just too damn hot to stand in front of the stove. There has not even been any grilling going on. I know. Lame.

I guess all bloggers go through a short period of reflection – or writers block, or in my case, lack of energy to actually throw together a few ingredients and call it dinner and then write about it.

So, sorry this is so short. Fall will be upon us soon, and with that a lot of wordy vomit will pour from my fingers. I tend to eat a lot more in the fall, what with the new season of vegetables and all that.

But also, I wont be writing in the next few days because I’m going to Jamaica tomorrow with my friend Patty. Oh, don’t look at me like that. Gustav will be gone by then. At least, it better be, because I’ve been looking forward to this trip like the comin’ of the Messiah.

I’ve never been to Jamaica before. Should be quite the adventure.

Pray that my flight doesn’t get delayed any more than it already has.

The French Tart


Ashley said…
Never been there so have fun for me too.

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