dear jamie mcmurray: i'm sorry i almost crashed into your truck

so i'm driving home from work this morning around 11:30 am, because it's allergy season and i've got a sinus headache from hell that no amount of Allegra or fresh, unblemished, clean air can cure. sitting in front of a computer was making my brain itch, and not in a good way. so i was on my way home and merged onto 285 East and nearly crashed right into the biggest, brightest Barney purple truck. i saw the Crown Royal emblem on the side, and my first thought was, "Cool! whisky!", and then i realized that it was Jamie McMurray's truck, probably carrying all his car parts and whatnot, followed by several RV's and a string of other drivers' semi trucks on their way back from Talladega.

i scrambled to grab my CrackBerry out of my bag, which made me swerve some more (good going there, Frenchie), so that i could take a picture of the truck and send it to the boy, because there was no way anyone would believe me if i told them that i almost smashed right into a NASCAR driver's truck.

all this to say that we're going to the race in a couple of weeks at Atlanta Motor Speedway. and not only are we going to the race, but we're going the entire weekend and staying in the infield. and just typing that sentence brought out my inner redneck. i feel a whole bunch of WOO HOOs and showing of much skin coming my way. and of course, the obligatory gettin' drunk on crappy beer.

our friends Ken and MA (she who shares the same birthday as i do) have a permanent camp spot in the infield for said race, and they go every year with their camper. they were gracious enough to invite us along, and as much as i just announced that i'm turning into a good ol' Suthun redneck, i'm also totally excited about this. because there is nothing i love more than people watching, and you just know that the people watching there will be stellar.

but most importantly, more important than snickering at ill-fitting clothing and drunk people, is the food. Ken, MA, the boy, and I need to discuss the food situation soon, because tailgating is very important. i believe that the smoker is coming along, as well as someone's borrowed grill. i need to start spending some quality time researching food that travels well, food that keeps well, and food that shares well. anyone got any ideas?

so, in case you were wondering (because i can hear your brain clicking away), i'm not an avid NASCAR fan, but the boy is, so i guess that makes me a fan by proxy. and i don't really have a favorite driver per se. i like the ones who kind of drive dirty and cause issues (surprised there? hee). they say that deep down, all girls like the bad boys. i'll just leave you to figure out who it is i like best (and just to let you know, there might be more than one).


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