i wanted to post a different video, one where the boy cracks the backbone of the duck, but apparently the video is far too big for blogspot. and i'm not really familiar with technology and stuff and can't figure out (yet) how to post the biggun'. and i'm not a good cinematographer either.

anyway, this duck, which i named Hans for no particular reason, was broken down last night, then brined overnight, so that we could smoke it today. and what would i be smoking it for, you ask?

all good things to those who wait.

(sorry for the second reference to Silence of the Lambs in two days. i've got that movie on the brain).

the sounds in the background are (a) the tv in the kitchen was showing The Ninth Gate, and (b) the tv in the living room was playing a commercial for bad 70s rock.


Schmidt Family said…
I can't wait to hear about the smoked duck and andouille gumbo. I was spending the day making roasted squash soup--a perfect fall day, and your meal would probably just have pushed me over the edge...
french tart said…
ooh - send me your recipe for squash soup, willya?

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