salted butter caramels

So you’re feeling the need to make something en masse this Christmas but don’t know what to do? Make these.

These caramels are so easy to make, and so incredible. I’ve made them several times lately, for birthday gift boxes and Christmas gifts. The only thing that changes with each batch is the amount of salt I use. I don’t know why, but I can’t just say, “Use one tablespoon of kosher salt per batch”, because the next batch I make might be too salty. Or not salty enough. And the only variation I do is that I use unsalted butter; I don’t think I’ve ever bought salted butter, except while in France. This particular batch of caramels in the photograph above ended up not being as salty as I would have liked, so I sprinkled some fleur de sel on each one prior to wrapping. This seemed to bring the salt level up to make an absolutely perfect caramel.

Making the caramel won’t take you long; what does take time is cutting, rolling and wrapping them. make sure you watch something mindless on tv while doing this, as time will go by much more quickly.

I buy silver and gold candy wrappers from the craft store to wrap them in. I’m kinda lazy in the way that I don’t feel like cutting up bits of parchment to wrap them with, because my bits end up uneven and rather ugly. and who wants ugly? not me.


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