on smashed iPods and nonstick pans

So I’m at work the other day when I got a phone call from the boy.

Boy: Sigh. I just ran over my iPod with my forklift.
Me: Sucks to be you, doesn’t it?

Not to be harsh or anything, but new iPods don’t grow on trees, and neither does money. I told him to suck it up.

Yesterday morning, while drinking coffee and not really dealing well with the less than 3 hours of sleep I got after my last conference call ended at 5:30 am, we talked about heading to Wal Mart to look at cheap mp3 players. The boy had a Wal Mart gift card, and had also won 20 bucks on a lotto scratch off earlier this week, so he pitched the idea of him getting an mp3 player, and I agreed that it was doable. While there, he was debating on which one to get, and I wandered over to the shiny new iPods on display. Then I pitched him my own idea: I would fork over to him my own U2 limited edition iPod and I would get one of those cheaper clip-on iPod shuffles, on the condition that I could go running. He eventually grudgingly agreed, but not because he would be getting a used (but perfectly good) iPod, but because he has this idea that I might get accosted while running in our neighborhood. And I know that’s all nice and I’m glad he is worried about me and all, but this is friggin’ Alpharetta, which is fortunately a rather safe place to live.

Anyhoo – (boy did this story get a little long winded to get around to the point), while we were shopping at Wal Mart, we picked up a new nonstick pan to replace the All Clad one we have that is totally destroyed and unusable. It pains me to write this, because I remember when I bought said All Clad pan; and it wasn’t cheap (somewhere around $150, I guess I must have been feeling rich at the time or something). And it was such a fantastic pan, but eventually over time the nonstick surface became quite the opposite, partially due to people using metal utensils in it when i wasn't looking. Don’t get me wrong, I adore All Clad cookware, and we’re fortunate to own a few pieces of it. But when it comes to a nonstick skillet, which you’ll probably use several times a week, I just don’t know if forking over that kind of cash is worth it.

I had done a little research on the Cook’s Illustrated site on what they recommend for inexpensive nonstick skillets, but none of their featured brands were sold at Wal Mart; so we went with gut feeling. This Farberware feels heavy, has deep sloped sides, can be shoved into a 400 degree oven without melting the handle, and above all, cost less than 35 bucks. And it’s red, which matches some of our stuff in the kitchen, but I won’t say that was a factor in our buying decision. However, it is a factor in what color I’ll paint my nails later tonight. After looking at that picture, I realize I’m in dire need of a manicure.

I know for a fact that this pan will not last more than a couple of years, but hell, neither did the All Clad.


MODman said…
I feel your pain. We have scanpans. I now have to send them ALL back to the manufacturer to be replaced due to the metal pitting. You can barely cook an egg over easy. Now I get to wait for 6 weeks to get my set replaced (glad I have a few cast iron skillets).

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