pepper vodka, recycled bottle

every once in a while, i like a bloody mary. and every once in a while, the boy likes a bloody mary; but we always seem to be out of vodka for one reason or another. we figured the only way we'd not run out of vodka in a timely manner would be to buy pepper flavored vodka, but i've also been toying with the idea of making my own.

i found part of a bottle of Skyy vodka in my freezer, and foraged an empty Absolut Peppar bottle, so in went a couple of types of peppers (split jalapeno, serrano, and thai chili, deseeded) and a couple of garlic cloves. set this in a cool dry place (not too hard to make things cool lately since it's been about 20 degrees out and the house is somewhat chilly downstairs). i figured this might be ready in a couple of weeks.

i do like the way it looks, all the peppers floating in vodka goodness. i can't wait to see how hot this vodka gets, and maybe experiment a bit with different flavors.


NDM said…
just remember me when you are ready to try it out...i am an expert ;)
Flip Cub said…
Hi French Tart,

I learned in my cocktails 101 class at Bourbon & Branch that you don't want to steep your spices in alcohol for too long because eventually the liquor will begin breaking down the cellulose. The alcohol will first break down the sugars and then moves on to that tough, leafy, plant stuff. Let me know how it worked out. Fabulous idea.

Flip Cub
french tart said…
so do you think i should strain the peppers out now? i guess that makes total sense. thanks for letting me know.
Flip Cub said…
Honestly, I don't know. They were talking about steeping things like fruit or rosemary and stuff like that. I'm not sure if the spiceyness would get absorbed by the alcohol. The time also varies by the type of fruit/vegetable. My notes say 2 weeks for fruit. I would guess that would be about the same for a pepper.

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