fries shmies.

Conversation over dinner last night at the 5.

The boy: these fries are pedestrian at best.
Me: you’re just saying that to make me feel better about not eating fries, aren’t you. *sigh*
The boy: yeaaaah.... They’re really good.
Me: Can I smell them? (smells fries). Wah! I want fries! waaaaaaaah.
The boy: you just had to go giving them up for Lent, didn’t you? They’re perfectly crispy and tasty.
Me: damn you!

5 minutes later.

The boy: did you know that fries dipped in ketchup are awesome?
Me: yes. Now be quiet and let me smell them.
The boy: oh man, you should try them dipped in this demi-glace. Oh wait, you can’t! hahhahaah! Did you know that fries dipped in demi are awesome?
Me: I’m going to stab you in the neck with this fork.


charcuteire said…
I just noticed that my blog is in your side bar of links.

I am honored.
Bob del Grosso said…
Hmm... I don't suppose you reminded him that he had tripped all three of the hot buttons you listed in your profile by using the word AWESOME (to describe the fries) while making indirect reference to your RESOLUTION to give up french fries during your Lenten DIET.

Oops, I did it too...
french tart said…
bob, i shall have to stab you both in the neck wiht a fork. yeah, he uses the word "awesome" partially because he knows of my distaste for everyone's overuse of it.

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