on Top Chef tryouts

casting calls for Top Chef 6 start this weekend; tryouts in Atlanta take place on February 22 at colicchio's new restaurant. i squealed with glee when i read about this on the innernets, and texted the boy at work.

the boy: outta my league
me: oh puleez. Dale from a couple of seasons ago got to the finals, and he hadn't cooked in something like two years.
the boy: well there is that.
me: seriously, think about it. could be fun. besides, if you win, we could pay our bills. and you could stare at Padma's boobs a lot.
the boy: true. i do like boobs.

i knew i could appeal to him somehow.


foodvox said…
Seriously. He should try. Just for the experience of it! (And I'm not talking about the experience of ogling Padma here - I'm sure he'd have a tremendous amount of fun aside from that.)

RuggerDucky said…
PADMA!!! Yeah, she's probably the biggest distraction on that show.

Seriously tho, Fos should totally try out--think of how many non-chef crappy caterer types have been on there! He'd certainly liven the show up!

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